Ketone Balance Duo Testimonials

Ketone Balance Duo is a new innovative fat burner, developed by trusted vendor, Evolution Slimming.

ketone balance duo customer reviews

Our supply of Ketone Balance Duo – no issues with billing, the product is delivered as promised.

Ketone Balance through an admittedly efficient marketing strategy has established itself as a competent dietary supplement that contains pure raspberry ketone and Green Coffee Bean extract — two powerful  ingredients that assist with weight loss by targeting fat burning.

Naturally —and especially for new products like Ketone Duo —if you’re interested in buying a weight loss product you first need to see how others who’ve already tried it have to say about it.

Unfortunately, the reviews and user testimonials available for this new product are rather limited and suspiciously positive.

Evolution Slimming Reviews and Testimonials

On the official webpage of Ketone Balance Duo at Evolution Slimming, there’s a plethora of user reviews. We couldn’t possibly call these testimonials as they’re quite short in length and not much useful.

Inconclusive – Not helpful

Most of these reviews are one-sentence long, which doesn’t give us much to work with. The women mostly users of KetoneBalance Duo simply praise the product without providing much tangible information,

For instance, an anonymous review, reads

I came across Raspberry Ketone on Facebook and came here to order some. Didn’t lose any weight, since I just got it from the post office! – source

Over-praised, outstanding weight loss results

Another characteristic of the Evolution Slimming reviews is that they are 85% outstandingly positive. A reviewer for instance, reveals she lost 21lbs. But she doesn’t say in how many weeks or whether she was also dieting and exercising.

Lacking credibility

ketones on evolution slimming comMost of these reviews are sadly incredulous or not helpful. Telling others you’re just starting to use Ketone Balance Duo doesn’t exactly help them decide if they will buy it or not, does it?

On top of that, there’s no way of verifying whether these reviews come from people who’ve actually tried Ketone Balance Duo.

In fact, anyone can submit their own review in the Evolution Slimming’s database. You don’t need to have an Evolution Slimming account to do so, let alone be allowed only to review products you’ve bought.

The Evolution Slimming team reviews the submitted testimonials, but we don’t know whether they delete those from non-members.

Read More Testimonials On Store Reviews

There are three reviews on the official website of Ketone Balance Duo. Although these reviews are more helpful and comprehensive, there’s something peculiarly staged about the users’ photos, which can’t help but make one suspicious about the authenticity of the reviews.

To recap, the reviews:

Short, limited to one sentence and not very helpful

  • Exaggeratedly positive
  • Most focus on the reviewer’s excitement to start taking it rather than any weight loss results.
  • Could only find a single three-star review and that was favorable as well!
  • Anyone can post a review on the site- not just those purchasing said product- which lacks credibility and allows us to question their authenticity
  • Possibly staged testimonials on official site

Positive Note – No Real Complaints Whatsoever

So, our expert analysis of the 2 official stockists of KetoneBalance shows there’s no proof in the authenticity of these testimonials and customer feedback.

As the supplement is comparatively new to the market, it really takes time to gather the real feedback from people who’ve been taking it and seeing any results.

But our main goal is to make sure KetoneBalance is not a scam product.

So, we’ve studied the most known websites on the net where scammed customers may report the issue and warn other people about particular product or service online.

Theses site include:

Conclusion – we found NO scam reports about Ketone Balance Duo at all.

Considering the reputation of Evolution Slimming as the trusted seller of dietary supplements in the UK (with worldwide service and delivery), it’s not surprising.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for real KetoneBalance Duo testimonials, still we cannot provide these.

So, your decision to try this product can be relied on 3 facts:

  • KetoneBalance Duo is sold by trusted UK distributor, Evolution Slimming
  • The formula is thoroughly balanced to bring the maximum fat loss effect with no side effects
  • There’s no real evidence of this product being a scam – billing, delivery and product quality are in place.

The Verdict – Should You Trust KetoneBalance Duo?

Ketone Balance Duo is a new, promising weight loss supplement. Looking for real customer reviews was a disappointing venture. The reviews are scarce, rather inconclusive, and more likely not real.

While Ketone Balance Duo meets all our criteria for being an efficient fat burner, we feel that the lack and quality of testimonials, naturally make people a bit reluctant.

Nonetheless, taking everything else into account, you can use Ketone Balance Duo to manage your weight through fat burning.

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