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Welcome! You’ve probably heard of the latest buzz on TV and on the Internet about the 2 most powerful superfoods acting as miracle for weight loss and fat burning.

Uncovered by a famous US medical authority and media person Dr. Mehmet Oz, and backed up by real clinical research and human-based clinical studies, both raspberry ketone and green coffee extract are indeed the powerful weapons in the battle of the bulge.

However, where comes opportunity, there come lots of complications, since slimming is the huge industry and thousandes of companies are trying to cash in on the “next” weight los hype.

So, there are many products appearing claiming they contain 100% pure and genuine substances, but in fact their formulas are full of fillers, additives and pure sawdust – and how you can spot these scams from the genuine products that work!

KetoneBalance DuoThat’s why we created this website – here we will analyse the next generation of slimming supplement – the mix of both raspberry ketone extract and green coffee extract, named KetoneBalance Duo!

We will take a serious look at this supplement:

  • examine it’s formulation – does it contain any fillers and how genuine are it’s main substances
  • check the dosages of ingredients in the formulation – are these any effective?
  • discover who is the manufacturer and distributor of this supplement in the UK and worldwide – is it a trusted company?
  • what are the pricing options, billind and shipping terms and is it safe to buy online?
  • what are the customer feedback on KetoneBalance Duo?
  • other facts…

With out experience of 7 years in the filed of nutrition and weight loss, our expertise of identifying and reviewing health supplements online has become very high.

We sincerely hope this website will help you make an informed desicion before you buy this product!


KetoneBalanceDuoInfo.co.uk team