Ketone Balance Duo Media Highlights

Do you know how many raspberry ketone based dietary supplements exist? Nobody does. A new ketone supplement is mushrooming up every other week, because Raspberry Ketone has received unprecedented positive media coverage and it’s touted as a miracle weight loss solution.

While the majority of these supplements are scams, taking advantage of how Rapsberry Ketone is the latest buzzword in weight loss, there’s a handful of raspberry ketone supplements that indeed burn fat and prevent body fat accumulation.

We’ve looked into how Raspberry Ketone is represented in the media to check whether the hype is evidence-based or just a successful marketing project.

Raspberry Ketone and Dr. Oz, “Fat-burner in a Bottle”

That’s what Dr. Oz described Raspberry Ketones as, a fat burner that busts fat and helps the body shed it away. One of the most well-known endorsement of Raspberry Ketone is that of Dr. Oz.

raspberry ketone supplement dr ozIn one of his TV show, Dr. Oz explained to his millions of viewers how raspberry Ketone burns fat by controlling adiponectin, the fat hormone that’s responsible for the body’s metabolic rate.

With Lisa Lynn, a weight loss guru who also backs raspberry ketone as a potent fat buster, conducted an experiment showing how ketones help in fat breakdown, making it easier for the body to process and use it up as fuel.

Dr. Oz doesn’t support any particularly raspberry ketone supplement, but he provides a scientifically-based argument regarding how raspberry ketone can help you lose weight thanks to its ability to control adiponectin activity and regulate your metabolism.

Raspberry Ketone and the Press

The Daily Mail, the Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, ABC news and Fox News Channel have all featured Raspberry Ketone and how it helps people lose weight and burn unwanted fat.

“The compound from the red raspberry (Rubus ideaus) stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a powerful brain-signaling hormone, which in turn causes fat cells to break down. ” Raspberry Ketone Frenzy follows Dr. Oz Show

A Huffington Post article on Raspberry Ketone also refers to a non-human study,

“the mice that ingested raspberry ketones were shown to be resistant to gaining weight, and also saw loss of body fat and lower levels of fat in their liver. Given the findings of these particular studies, it is thought that raspberry ketone might increase metabolism in humans by helping to accelerate breakdown of fat.” Caroline J. Cederquist, Medical Director and Metabolism Expert [source]

Ketone Balance Duo And Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone has received favorable – to the point of raving hype- coverage in various media outlets, including social media, TV and the press.

It’s anti-obese ability  has been confirmed by a recent study, showing how there’s hope to naturally decrease weight and body fat thanks to Raspberry Ketone’s fat burning activity.

Ketone Balance Duo, apart from containing Raspberry Ketone also includes Green Coffee Bean extract, another powerful fat buster and metabolism booster, also touted in the media.

Again, one might be  justifiably suspicious that this is nothing but a marketing gimmick, but a closer look unveils that Green Coffee Bean extract is indeed a powerful fat burner. You can check our own assessment of Green Coffee bean as a fat burning compound here.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract and Media Coverage

Green Coffee bean extract is a clinically-proven extract that helps with weight loss thanks to chlorogenic acid. This acid found in raw coffee beans helps to slow down the rate by which fat is absorbed by the body, so you end up absorbing less fat than usually.

What’s more, chlorogenic acid along with caffeic acid, also present in Green Coffee beans extract, boosts the metabolism leaving you more energetic and efficient in burning fat.

green coffee beans dr oz showDr. Oz has extensively covered Green Coffee Beans extract on his TV show, explaining to millions of dieters and body-image frustrated people how Green Coffee bean extract is a powerful fat burner. Dr. Oz’s TV experiment tested Green Coffee Bean extract efficiency with women of BMI ranging from  25 to 45.

Those women taking the Green Coffee Bean supplement lost a total of 81.5 pounds. In the two week period the women who were taking Green Coffee Bean extract lost on average 2 pounds.

Dr. Oz apart from his own project that did confirm Green Coffee bean extract’s weight loss power, has through evidence-based claims endorsed Green Coffee beans as a powerful  weight loss aid.

Green Coffee Beans In Ketone Balance Duo

ketonebalance duo tabletsKetone Balance Duo boasts of an advanced formula that contains both of these compounds that are in the spotlight for some time now.

From physicians and weight loss experts, to real life testimonials and actual weight loss trials and studies, these are proven to be weight loss capable.

The extensive media coverage of Raspberry Ketone reveals that Ketone Balance Duo’s unique formula of combining pure raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract, is a powerful weight loss aid, and can be recommended if you want to boost your weight loss with natural compounds both proven to work in human-based studies.

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